5 Best 3 Burner Gas Grills of 2022 (Reviewed & Rated)

Are you planning to buy the best 3 burner gas grill? More product understanding is necessary before you decide on buying the grill equipment. You need to analyze the specification of each brand and should check with the customer review. There are many burner types available and each burner type has its own significance. You need to consider the cooking area the grill takes, the fuel consumption, the temperature controlling feature, its versatility, and many more. 3 burner gas grills have more demand in the market due to their high benefits and potential. In this article, we will get to analyze the top 5 – best 3 burner gas grills along with their features, pros, and cons, and will have our own ratings for those products.

What Are The Best 3 Burner Gas Grills To Buy Now?

1. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40

best 3 burner gas grill The medium-sized Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40 is an entry-level propane grill that can easily impress your guests and it is ideal for large families and big gatherings. Its sturdy build and excellence in its performance can easily surpass all competition it has in the market. This model perfectly suits customers who seek a budget-friendly 3-burner gas grill. Char griller is a reputed grill manufacturer who has been in this industry for more than a decade. This particular model has gained greater credibility as it is one of the high-performing grills, with easy ignition, quality cooking grates, and many more. The 3 stainless steel burners are combined with 40800 BTU and support in reaching the desired temperature with less time. The even heat distribution is obtained through porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and also helps in cleaning and maintaining the grill easily.

Features of this 3-burner Gas Grill

  • Supports large cooking area with 438 sq. inch for grilling and 192 sq. inches for warming rack.
  • Large wheels for better and easy portability and side workstation that offers hooks to hold barbeque toolset.
  • The unique barrel-style black gas grill with excellent smokestacks gives a stylish design to this model and it is highly attractive.
  • The durable steel construction and powdered coated 3-burner gas grills gain better longevity.
  • Appreciable customer support is offered and the product comes with a 5-year warranty for burners and a 1-year warranty for the rest of the parts.
  • A spacious grilling area is offered.
  • Comes with affordable pricing.
  • Powerful burners that enhance your cooking.
  • Maintaining a lower temperature is a little difficult.
  • Lack of storage space.

2. Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310

  Genesis II E-310 is considered to be the most Weber’s premium line of grills. This 3-burner gas grill is a well-built and feature-rich model that offers a superior grilling experience to its users. Convenience and ease of use is the great selling point for this model. Users can have virtu al mess-free cooking with instant-on burners and also with even heat distribution. The construction of this 3-burner gas grill is made up of high-end parts and engineering. Users can have precision control and can easily elevate their cooking performance. This model perfectly suits for grillers who seek perfection in their BBQ cooking. This model has extra-large wheels that will offer better portability. The grill doesn’t look bulky as it rests on an open cart. More storage space is provided to hold grill pans and other grilling accessories. The lid and side tables are built with solid and heavy steel. With the powerful 3-burners and sensitive heat controls any user can master their grilling technique.

Features of this best 3-burner gas grill

  • GS4 high-performance grilling system is used in this model that will allow the quick heating process to be carried out by utilizing the 3-burners.
  • An easy push-button electronic igniter will make the grill start easily without much effort.
  • Stainless steel flavourizer bars are used that will support in providing delicious dishes through flovorising smoke
  • An exclusive fuel gauge is attached with the LPG tank that will let users have a clear view of the fuel capacity.
  • This model is iGrill 3 compatible and it allows users to view the fuel level from their mobile device by installing this software on their smartphones.
  • Supports a better grease management system that will reduce the work of cleaning and maintaining the grill machine.
  • The LPG tank is hidden inside the storage and it is not visible to anyone.
  • Even heat is delivered from front to back.
  • Enhanced taste with flavorized bars.
  • Fold-down shelves are not available as it affects the storage.
  • The upper warming rack seems to be a bit shallow when compared to other grill machines.

3. Char-Broil 463370719

Char-Broil 463370719 easily attracts buyers with its steel body construction and extensive features that will let buyers have a unique cooking experience. This model offers a precise temperature control feature that will allow users to control the temperature either from low to high or vice versa. Every griller will check for the ease of cleaning and this 3-burner gas grill comes with a porcelain-coated grease pan that increases the stability of the grill machine. This is one of the impressive mid-range grills that will perfectly fit into your backyard.  This 3 burner gas grill features 24000 BTUs through its stainless-steel burners and 10000 BTUs through its side burner and overall features 34000 BTUs. Char-Broil will have the primary cooking space of 450 sq. inches. This 3 burner BBQ comes with push-to-start electronic ignition and offers better versatility.

Features of this best 3 burner propane gas grill

  • The TRU-infrared cooking technology is an added advantage for this model as it avoids flare-ups and delivers heat evenly and cooks juicier food.
  • The exclusive stainless-steel design gives a modern and sleeky look and will become an envy to others.
  • The fast and reliable startups are quite appreciable as the model supports an electronic ignition system for a quick start.
  • Better heat monitoring and control can be gained through an exclusive Lid-mounted temperature gauge and users can have a clear view of the temperature of the grill.
  • Assembling the gas grill is quite simple and all you need is to have an adjustable wrench
  • Offers enough space for small get-togethers.
  • TRU infrared technology is of great use.
  • Better customer support is provided.
  • Below-average power.
  • Smaller cooking surface.

4. Royal Gourmet MG3000 3-Burner Cabinet Propane Gas Grill Users who have limited outdoor space cannot have a big grill in their backyard as it will occupy major space and cannot make guests be comfortable. Royal Gourmet 3-burner gas grill is a compact one that can be a perfect choice when it has to be used in a confined area. The large cooking surface can almost accommodate 18 patties with 356 sq. inches in man grates and 145 sq. in. in warming rack and offers overall 36000 BTUs output. The upgraded electric ignition system will support starting the grill with a single push button. The temperature is evaluated with the help of thermocouples. Users will also get an indication of how fast the grill is heating up. With the 3-burner gas grill, users can set high temperatures for any 2 burners and can set the low temperature for the other one burner. The user-friendly design has fixed side tables that will allow the storage of all grill accessories in the hook.

Features of this 3-burner propane gas grill

  • Stainless-Steel drip tray that will support users to clean the grease easily and maintain the grill to increase its durability.
  • The built-in thermometer will let users read the grill temperature and can make adjustments according to the food cooking requirement.
  • Four casters with a brake system will make the grill to be more portable and easier to fix in your backyard.
  • Heat retention is achieved through the double-layered stainless-steel lid and can maintain heat and cook the food at the proper temperature.
  • This 3-burner gas grill comes with a thick handle cover that can protect your hands from high temperatures.
  • The efficient oil channel system will effectively collect the oil residue in the grease tray and makes cleaning simple and easy.
  • Sufficient space for food preparation is offered.
  • Angled flame tamers support even heat distribution.
  • Easy temperature controlling system.
  • The side tables are not foldable.
  • There is no bottle opener.

5. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Spirit II E-310 comes with an impressive performance and eye-catching design along with easy-to-control features. Infinity ignition is offered by implementing a GS4 grilling system with this 3-burner gas grill. The high-performance burners ensure an even heating surface. This grill boasts a solid ignition and is lit up without any hassle and gets hot extremely in no time as within a few seconds it can reach 500 degrees. By just adding little oil, we can see the grill grates being perfectly seasoned and through porcelain-enameled flavored bars, you can get tasty grill foods. The smart grease management system will streamline your cleaning process and gets things maintained with less effort. The reversible grill plates are added advantage as one side of the plate will be thicker and another side will be thinner. Users get more flexibility in their cooking. The easy assembling of this model is the strongest selling point as it can allow any common man to assembly without much support.

Features of this 3-burner gas grill

  • This model comes with an open cart design with 4 colors and it is very compact and can fit into any kitchen size.
  • The grill is very lightweight and can be easily moved anywhere with the help of two wheels that are sturdy and strongly build.
  • The easy-to-read fuel gauge helps users to keep monitoring the fuel level and this fuel gauge is located next to the LPG tank.
  • The model is iGrill-3 compatible and can easily check the temperature level through our smartphones.
  • An easily foldable left side table that will give you more space and non-foldable warming rack that can keep your food at the right temperature.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Quality construction and compact design.
  • Even heat distribution and a few flare-ups.
  • The product is comparatively costly.
  • There is no side burner.
  • Hood is not satisfactory.

Buying Guide

Today we can find a wide variety of grills in the market. Thousands of reviews are posted for each model. It is not possible to look into each review and choose the right model for your backyard grilling. Instead, it is good to understand what are the key features that are essential in grill equipment and what are the other aspects that need to be considered while finalizing a grilling machine. Let us have a clear look.
  • Fuel – you need to check what fuel is being used to ignite the grilling machine. If it is a gas grill then it may use LPG fuel which is highly recommended.
  • BTU (British Thermal Unit) – this is a measurement of energy that can rate the energy of any stove, air-conditioners, and also gas grills. If the BTU rating is high then the grilling machine will produce more heat and may use more fuel. It is not necessary that you should go for a higher rating. You can even look for a lower rating.
  • Cooking area – every model will have mentioned its cooking area that will hold the grill items on the surface. As per your crowd requirement, you can choose the cooking surface.
  • Grill grate material – make sure your grill machine supports rust-free porcelain-coated grill grates that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fuel gauge – you cannot lose gas at the mid of grilling and make a hassle before your friends and guest. So a fuel gauge is very essential to have an eye on the fuel level.
  • Integrated thermometer – most gas grills have a thermometer that will clearly show you the temperature level of the grilling machine. If it is not available then you need to purchase it separately.
  • Cost – you can compare several products along with their costs. Be sure with your budget and check for products that lie within your budget.
Conclusion Buying the best 3-burner gas grill is never an easy joke. You need to do enough analysis and should sort out several models and should have a perfect comparison. Finally, you should be able to choose the one that suits your requirement and also your budget. Check for the warranty and make sure you personally maintain the grilling machine with utmost care as that will increase the durability of the machine.