How to Use a Grill Press Like a Chef: Versatile Uses Explained

As a fellow meat-lover, I want to share with you my favorite way of using grill presses. It’s not just for making stakes or smashing burgers; this tool also makes grilled sandwiches and crispy fish skin around the filet!

The barbecue press is a great tool for anyone looking to make their own meat at home. It can replace all of those other ordinary kitchen implements, and here are some lesser-known but creative uses!

You only need 10 minutes with this heavy metal instrument before getting XX value out its use in cooking up delicious food on your grill or smoker box – without spending too much money doing it.

how to use a grill press

What is a Grill Press? Know First.

The grill press is a versatile tool that can be used for searing, cooking and grilling. This device has many names including; burger press (to make burgers), bacon iron/steak iron(to cook fatty foods) or even panini maker!

Grill presses are a must have for any grill master. These heavy, flat metal surfaces come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you’re cooking – from round to rectangular or even without any pattern at all! They can be used as an alternative way of pressing your steaks down during high traffic times when ovens aren’t available (like camping trips) so that they don’t overcook themselves by getting too rare inside while being cooked externally nicely through heat waves spiking outwards like rays coming off waterfalls onto beaches everywhere.

How Does a Grill Press Work? 

These works primarily in two ways:

  • You can now use your grill press or burger press for searing food, which will save you time! First heat up the cast iron griddle.
  • Even if you’re not a professional chef, this heavy-duty stovetop will help turn out great food in no time.
  • Grill presses are typically used for pressing the fat or water from food during cooking, but you can also use it as an ordinary hand-held thickener.

With its thick metal surface, the steak press keeps your food warm while it’s cooking. So place this over pre-heated dish after making sure that there’s no raw meats or vegetables nearby!

When you place a cast-iron pan on the stovetop, it’s important to know how much weight is needed for certain tasks. For instance if I wanted my meatloaf cooked through but not too dry then all glory would go into searing — which requires less force than baking or frying! You also want some subtle sweetness in there so use an oven temperature between 200°F – 400 ° F as well as letting cook times vary depending what kind of dish requires more attention such at bars where people can pick their own proteins from among eggs , meats & veggies .

Some Important Points to Remember when Using a Grill Press

When using a grill press, don’t place it too tightly over delicate food items like fish or soft hamburger. If you love that crispy skin on your favorite dish and want to use one of these handy tools in order get rid them without damaging its integrity then be sure not do so forcefully because this may cause cracking while cooking time goes by- resulting into an unpleasant taste experience!

Maintain Space Between the Food Items.

It would help if you didn’t crowd your skillet or griddle with so many burgers and steak pressed under the grill presser. The resulting flood of fluids can seem pretty problematic, but don’t worry! It’s not as bad now that we’ve told ya about it ahead o’ time – just remember to leave plenty room between each item before pressing down on them all at once (and watch out for steam coming off their cooked surfaces).

Avoid Picking the Hot Grill Press without a Towel.

When using a hot grill press, always have some sort of dish towel handy in case you happen to touch the handle. It’s best not to let your hands get too close when operating this tool since even wooden handles can be risky if they’re still warm from being handled recently! And make sure that before storing or disposing any kitchen equipment after use- especially ones with sharp edges like wood panels -you take care appropriate measures so as prevent injury due accidents occurring while handling such items. The bbq press is a great way to get food ready faster.

The grill press speeds up the cooking process by giving your food an even amount of heat under pressure. At that point, you shouldn’t observe regular recipes’ required cook time – check for doneness 20% before recommended times!

Place the Grill Press on Top of Food only When Necessary:

Grilling is an art that should never be taken lightly. The grill press can smash your food if you are not careful with its usage, but this tool has many benefits for the home cook!

Beware of Build-up Steam, Running Moisture, and Fat Release.

One grill press is enough to keep up with all of these delicious grilled foods. Don’t try and use it on anything else, because you will only end up frustrated when trying to cook other things at once – like steaks or burgers for instance (or even both!). Instead use a spatula if needed but make sure that this one tool does its job properly by making an effortless surface without damaging either meat’s flavor nor presentation.

How to Use a Meat Press for Steak?

Grill presses are great tools for searing your steak when you don’t have a grill. But what if I told you there’s another way to use one? Place it over the raw meat and press down until golden browned crust forms on top of each piece! This works well with smaller cuts like pork chops or chicken breast as well – just make sure they’re dry before putting them into this kind over hot surface so that nothing breaks off during cooking process

Step-1 Preheat the Grill Press

Preheat your grill press before cooking. You can put it on medium heat for 10 minutes if you want to speed up the process!


Place your steak in the pan and pick up a hot grill press to put on top of it. Use either an oven glove or dish towel- whichever you prefer -to protect yourself from getting burnt while pressing down firmly with both hands for about 30 seconds, until all sides are marked by Seal Beach’s patented ” Grill Marks”. Let rest until ready! Check doneness using one method if needed then cook only throughly cooked meat (not too rare).

How Should you Use a Grill Press for Hamburgers?

When you’re dreaming about cooking and searing your burgers under the perfect grill press, make sure to bring along a fully packed burger. Why? It may turn into an international incident if it becomes one giant smash!

Steps to be Followed:

Step-1 Prepare your Hamburger

The next time you’re craving for a juicy, fresh burger make sure to use your new favorite gadget-the hamburger press! It will give great results and save both cooking oil as well as precious kitchen space. Get one now on Amazon before they sellout again

Step-2 Heat your Grill Press. (Optionally)

The grill press will make your patties sear-free and juicy. First, preheat the device for 10 minutes on medium heat before placing meat in it so that they can be cooked through with no fluff or fanfare!

Step-3 Grill the Patties

Place your burger on the grill or skillet for cooking, following whatever recipe you use. Leave at least 3 inches between each so that water evaporates easily without forming a “pool.”

Step-4 Place the Grill Press on the Burger.

Place a grill press over your burger, if you have preheated it in advance. Gently place this flat-top griddle atop the patty and see how firm they are; then increase pressure to sear both sides of meat thoroughly without burning them! After about 5 minutes on each side (or however long), remove from heat so that the exterior doesn’t get overcooked before Interior has been cooked through.”

When grilling the burgers on a grill, don’t sear them side-by-side as they’ll get captivating grill marks. If you’re going to be doing this for more than one burger at once then I recommend getting an extra heavy duty appliance like my Burger Bosses ® .

How to Use a Grill Press for Searing Delicate Foods like Veggies and Fish?

The Grill Press will keep your fish fresh and tender. When you put it on the grill, within seconds of cooking or frying that perfect steak – The press keeps all moisture in so there’s no chance for drying out!

When cooking on the grill, never press down with your hand. You can hold it in one if you want to reduce pressure and not smash them into pieces!

You can get a delicious sear on your fish by placing it face-down, like an open book.

The best way to do this is with the grill press – but don’t worry if you don’t have one because we’ll show how easy they are! Just put some oil or butter in between 2 pieces of paper towels until there’s enough excess that when laid flat will form into small bricks/within larger square inches than what was applied initially (about 1 Tbsp. per). Place them onto the unheated side of whatever cookware piece(s).

The even cooking of the fish is key to getting a great meal. You can use your grill press or just put it over an open flame for some added flavor!

How Can you Use a Grill Press for Cooking a Chicken Breast?

To cook a chicken breast using the grill press, firstly you need to score or cut into your desired shape. Place this raw food onto one side of the grilling surface and then place another heavy-duty pan on top so that it’s aligned with both pans’ handles pointing towards each other at right angles – like what happens when someone throws open their arms in victory after winning an exams game!

Doing this will allow even heat distribution from all directions since there are no gaps between them where liquid might escape during cooking process thanks again those straight lines we drew earlier.

How to use a Grill Press when Grilling a Chicken Breast on a Grill?

That’s right, you heard me correctly. The chicken breast has an uneven thickness which means that some parts will be thicker than others when cooked on a grill or panini press! So if your trying to get those picturesque burn marks all over one side while flipping it over cookier than regular oven-then use this method (the Smash). For something more traditional try using weight( GrillPress )to smush out the meat part before putting onto heat source.”

How to Use a Grill Press When Cooking Chicken Breast on a Griddle?

When you’re cooking a chicken breast on the stove, use your grill press to speed up the process and get an even heat beneath it. To do this: season both sides with salt before placing over high heat for about 4 minutes per side or until golden brown crust has formed (flipping halfway through). Next reduce temperature slightly so that juices run clear instead of white; remove from pan onto plate once fully cooked through but still tender enough not flaky.


Using a grill press is a great way to get even cooking when grilling delicate foods like fish or chicken. Not only does it keep food from drying out, but it can also help create those perfect grill marks! So don’t be afraid to try using one the next time you’re cooking on the grill.