5 Best 5 Burner Gas Grills of 2022 (Reviewed & Rated)

If you are obvious to cook for many people then you may tend to search for the best 5 burner gas grills in the market. You are on the right platform, where you will get a clear picture of the leading brands that sell 5-burner gas grills and you will know more about their specification and their features in detail. By going through the 5-burner gas grill reviews you can easily select the perfect model for your requirement. Let us have a detailed view of the most reputed brands that sell the best 5 burner gas grills.

List of Best 5 Burner Gas Grills (5 Products)

1. Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grills, 5 Burner, Natural Gas

  5 burner gas grills  

Dyna-Glo Premium grill will take your BBQ party to next level. You will get limitless options with better cooking power, sturdy construction, and technology-enabled features. You can easily deliver a multi-course meal to your guests in your backyard through the optimal cooking space offered by this grill model.

This grill model offers a high-performance grilling experience through its consistent 5 burner gas grills streams. You can get a massive capacity grilling cooking surface with 764 sq. inches and perfect cooking grates to disperse heat evenly and uses Equiheat technology electricity and will make sure that the food is prepared without losing its juicy flavor.

You can acquire restaurant-quality sear marks in your food and can get a smoky flavor that is completely obsessive. Apart from better cooking space, the grill contains a spacious cabinet that can store more grilling accessories. This model is more convenient and easier to use and very much portable with its heavy-duty caster wheels.

Features of this 5 Burner Gas Grills

  • 79000 BTUs of cooking heat is generated with 11000 BTUs heat for each burner, side burner 12000BTU and a rotisserie burner with 12000 BTUs are offered.
  • The heavy gauge 7mm stainless steel cooking grates support to have hassle-free cooking and they are non-rustable and help to clean the mess easily.
  • The custom-fit Dyna-Glo premium cover protects your grill and this has to be purchased separately.
  • One-year limited warranty for the entire equipment and some parts may get less warranty period.
  • Good product with reasonable pricing.
  • The model is more professional in look.
  • Commercial-grade burners are used.
  • The custom-fitted premium cover is available with an additional charge.
  • No propane gauge.
  • The base cabinet is not stainless steel.
  • No rear burner for rotisserie.

2. Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side 5 Burner Gas Grills

5 burner gas grills

This model is designed with greater flexibility and standard quality with stainless steel construction that helps in easy cleaning and maintenance. You can be more assured about your meals as they will be cooked with even heat. The large wheel and carter style make makes the model to be more portable and can shift anywhere with less effort.

This smart-looking gas grill comes with independent 5-burners that produce a total of 50000 BTUs heat that can spread evenly across the food and gives a perfect taste. You can get 460 sq. inches cooking space and it is also equipped with an additional side burner which will be great for stews, corns, and many more. A grill is incomplete without side tables.

Our Cuisinart CGG-8500 gas grill has two side tables with 18 inch X 13 inch and this offers extra room for prepping and grilling the food. The electric ignition system will allow you to start your grilling process instantly and your burners will produce maximum heat in no time.

Features of this best 5-burner Gas Grill

  • This model has dual-sided vents that can easily dissolute excess heat and will help you to have a perfect finishing in your cooking.
  • Cuisinart CGG-8500 is completely weather protective as the cover of the grill is UV-protected and can protect from rain, wind, and all other weather states.
  • You can easily get access to the propane gas and can easily change them whenever they run out of gas as it is very much available from the front flap of the cover.
  • With less effort, you can clean this liquid propane gas grill with the help of its double enameled cooking grates that will also support better cooking.
  • Each burner has the capacity of offering 10000 BTUs heat and also comes with an additional side burner with 12000 BTUs heat.
  • Easy to assemble with a sturdy design.
  • Strong and heavy-duty wheels with greater durability.
  • The customer support can still be better.

3. Pit-Boss-Grills-PB5BGD2-Burner-673

5 burner gas grills

Pit-Boss offers ultimate grills integrated with innovative technology provides a better and user-friendly cooking experience. This 5-burner gas grill is fitted with an armored ceramic cooking surface that will make cleaning simple and with just a gentle wipe you can make it look perfect. Apart from cleaning, the ceramic burners will also protect the griddles from scratches and rust.

You can get 673 sq. inches cooking surface and your grill can be a perfect centerpiece for your backyard BBQ parties. It can be a dinner for 4 or for 30, Pit-Boss PB5BGD2 can give you more space and an excellent cooking experience. You can assure restaurant-quality food for your guests with this excellent gas grill.

The folding legs will be of more help in saving more space and the side shelves will act as a cover to the cooking surface. An exclusive side grease tray will collect the grease and dripping and will let to have less mess while cooking the grill items. By just turning the knob you can start cooking with the help of an ignition turn system.

Features of this 5 Burner Gas Grills

  • The solid bottom shelf gives enough space for users to store all their grilling accessories and with the available hooks, you can hang all grill ladles.
  • This grill model offers a 673 sq. inches of cooking surface that will be sufficient enough to cook 25 burgers at a time and can save your cooking time.
  • The full steel cabinet and a solid bottom shelf are especially more useful for extra storage and you can have your LPG tank in it.
  • This grill model produces 50000 BTUs of heat and with 10000 BTU s of heat for each burner and supports you to cook your meal quickly.
  • With the strong caster wheels, you can easily keep moving the grill wherever you want with less effort and will be a perfect choice for your backyard grilling.
  • The burner is pretty good at producing enough heat for grilling.
  • The stainless-steel make provides better durability and longevity.
  • The product is a bit expensive compared with the other 5 burner gas grills.

4. Blaze-Built-BLZ-5LTE2-LP-40-inch-Propane

Blaze is a well-known and reputed grill manufacturer that offers an affordable and commercial propane gas grill with 5 burners that are exclusively designed for outdoor cooking. Designed for heavy-duty, this grill is more convenient to use. It suits you well, for picnics and backyard BBQ parties. You can get this product with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

This model gives an excellent look with its SRL LED lights and integrated halogen lightings that will enhance the feel of the ambiance and will give an outstanding and amazing cooking experience. The package includes a 40-inch built-in propane gas grill with high-grade 5 burners that delivers uniform cooking and distributes heat evenly.

Better cooking space with a removable warming rack that can allow to cook more items and make them stay with proper heat for a longer time. This product comes with stainless steel heat zone separators that can cook food with different temperature settings and allow to maintain heat consistency till the end of the food preparation.

Features of this 5 Burner Gas Grills

  • You can experience incredible temperature as this model produces 70000 BTUs of heat and each burner produces 14000 BTUs and an infrared burner produces 10000 BTUs.
  • The patented triangle-shaped searing rods make natural and beautiful sear marks in the grill items that will enhance the taste of the food.
  • Stainless steel burners will support easy cleaning and maintenance and will give premium grilling power for years.
  • The flame tamers will reduce the flare-ups and will offer a better result in all your cooking styles that you make with this grill model.
  • The flash tubes ignition and crossovers will support users to always have an alternate option in igniting the gas grill.
  • Can serve 15-18 members at a time with enough cooking surface.
  • Illuminated knobs that will support cooking even during night time.
  • Very heavy to move.
  • No wheels, so you need to carry the grill machine.

5. MASTER COOK Outdoor Propane Grill

5 Burner Gas Grills

This is one of the low-cost gas grills that any residential outdoor cook would prefer. If you want to feed a huge crowd at a time then you have to go for Master-cook outdoor gas grill. It comes with 50000 BTUs and has a grilling space of 657 sq. inches. Give a lip searing goodness in taste and impress your guests with this excellent 5-burner gas grill. You can get a trustworthy gas grill for BBQ with a side burner.

All burners are powered with 40LB LPG that can be monitored through a gas gauge and can plan your cooking accordingly without interrupting the cooking process. Through an electric ignition system, you can start the fire with a single click and the temperature will reach its maximum in no time.

To keep the food at the right temperature for a long time there is an exclusive warming rack that can be used till you serve the food to your guests. You can use less fuel to run the gas grill when compared with any other grill stove. By keeping this grill model, you can make your cooking more professional.

Features of this Cheap 5 Burner Gas Grills

  • The porcelain-coated grates are simple to wash and maintain from grease and can also be rust-free.
  • Assembling this model has never been a difficult issue as the product comes with a perfect user manual and you can also get in touch with the customer support team and can get guidance in assembling.
  • This grill model has a durable powder coat finish that makes it look sleeky and more attractive to users and can enhance your grilling experience.
  • Superior heat retention is well offered by the cooking grate that is enamel coated.
  • One side of the table can be used to keep the LPG tank and the other side can be used to store utensils and other grilling accessories.
  • An in-built thermometer for accurate temperature control is an added advantage.
  • The integrated piezo-electric ignition system is used.
  • The product comes with a limited warranty that is not satisfactory for users.

Buying Guide 

Is this your first gas grill purchase? Definitely, you need to go through this buying guide that can help you in various aspects. Before buying a gas grill you need to ask a few questions yourself. This will help you to identify your requirement and can get a perfect match that can fulfil your demands.

  • How many guests do you plan to have?
  • What is the frequency of grilling?
  • Where do you plan to place the grill? Inside your house or your backyard.
  • What is your budget?

First, find answers to all the above questions. 

  1. If you plan to have very few members, say 4-6 members then you can directly go for 2-burner gas grills. If you plan for a huge crowd then you should go 5-burners or above. Also, you should know more about the cooking surface offered by the grill. At least you need to have 400 sq. inches of the cooking surface to cook for a small group and a minimum of 600 sq. inch and above for more people.
  2. The frequency of your grilling will help you to decide on the fuel that should be used. You can go for gas grills that can support either LPG or natural gas. For a small crowd, you can utilize the home natural gas and for a large group, you need to prefer a dedicated LPG tank for grilling.
  3. Gas grills can be either free-standalone or portable grills. If you plan to have the grill inside your house you can choose a portable model that doesn’t have wheels to move and you need to shift it here and there. If you plan to have it in your backyard then you need to select standalone gas grills that come with independent heavy-duty wheels that will support you in moving the grill.
  4. Budget is the key aspect any user will check for. There are ranges that will have features and functionalities according to the range.
  5. Up to $250 you can expect small and less powerful grills.
  6. Between $250 to 450 you can find a huge variety of different brands that will have basic features that will satisfy users.
  7. Above $450 you will find very reasonable grills that will have unique and advanced features.
  8. Above $1000 are the premium models that come with high-quality material and will offer more durability.

Conclusion Take your time in understanding the grill models and check for more 5-burner gas grill reviews that will help you in finalizing the best model. Invest wisely and have a great cooking experience that will stand in your memories for a long time.