Blackstone Griddle vs Weber Gas Grill Which is Better and Why?

“What’s better than one hot breakfast?” asks Blackstone, LLC. They’re known for their outdoor griddles that are great at bringing people together and dragging them into the morning with a delicious smell of food in your nose!

The USA based, proud Weber is a household name among grillers all over the world with their slogan “Born to Barbecue.” The company was founded by George Stephen in 1952 who cut an entire half-cut buoy into three pieces and attached cooking grates onto one side so he could create what we now know as “Weber’s first kettle barbecue.” He then added more vents on top for better heat circulation before adding its iconic cover – which has been present ever since!

Grill or griddle? That is the question. Well, let’s get right into it and learn about these two cooking devices! A grill cooks food over high heat while a typical gas stovetop will do just fine for us on lower settings (depending how hot we want our meal).

When choosing between them there are some important differences to consider like size; shape of plates/guards around burners ; maintenance requirements such as cleaning out ashtrays after use etc.,

What is a Griddle?

blackstone griddle

Griddles are a great way to cook breakfast or bake granular food items (rice, etc.). You can also use it for cooking other foods like eggs!

Some of the most popular types of griddles are:


The perfect companion to any outdoor cooking adventure, this 36-inch gas powered griddle is great for making breakfast or brunch at home. It comes with its own cart so you can take it anywhere!


The Blackstone 17 inches Tabletop Gas Griddle is a great choice for camping because it’s small, compact and portable. This means that you can take your grilling experience with ya on the go!


Gridded cooking surfaces are a cost-effective and easy way to cook if you don’t have the funds for something more elaborate.

What is a Grill?

The grill is a great way to cook food quickly and easily. It consists of an open flame, which cooks the meat nicely as it browns beneath because juices from your steak seep into its coal-black surface thanks for being vaporized by gas or charcoal burners up above—giving them their delicious flavor!

The idea of getting a griddle hardly comes to your mind when you already have the perfect gas or charcoal grill, but there are some who want more than just one tool. If that sounds like what’s holding back from upgrading and making sure all is complete with expertise then look no further because this article will show how adding an extra flat top can help convert any existing type into something new!

Key Differences between Blackstone Griddle vs Weber Grill

The griddle has a more traditional design with straight metal ridges that run along the top. The flat surface of this cooking device makes it easier to cook on than other types, like those found in some KPOP videos where they have flames or images printed onto them for added flair!

A typical gas stove might seem boring by comparison – but don’t forget about all its benefits too: how easy cleanup is after using only one pot instead if two? What convenience does owning something made entirely out.

Cleaning Process

How difficult is it to clean a blackstone? Well, despite its flat top and reputation for being easy-to-clean because you can just scrape off any stuck on bits with ease. It turns out that this material has some pretty sticky properties when Arena Grills’ surface gets dirty which makes cleaning almost impossible without damaging the finish!

So instead of throwing your hands up in frustration at having another job on top of everything else – remember those fine scraper skills from earlier; they might come handy again soon enough.

The Blackstone griddle has a slightly tilted cooking surface which makes it easier to clean than other types of flat-top cookers.

It’s not just about how greasy your food gets – even if you use nonstick surfaces, the oils can accumulate on these parts over time due in large part because they’re so accessible for accumulation!

This means that when we take our pans off of heat after browning some chicken breasts or bacon slices before putting them onto an oven safe plate then cleaning up afterwards requires more work since all those pesky hot spots need addressing individually rather than simply wipe down with paper towels as needed throughout.

In addition to being easier on your cooking grates, Weber gas grills have flavorizer bars designed specifically for vaporizing and smoking drippings. This means there’s less grease that needs collecting afterwards!

Smoking meats

So if you love the smoky, burnt flavor of meat and want to get that perfect degree then go with a Weber charcoal grill. But don’t just limit yourself when it comes down who can give your dish an excellent cooktop option – also consider investing in one or two Blackstone Products as well!

Weber Gas Grills Come with Additional Features

weber gas grill

With a flat top grill, you can find what is on offer when it comes to grills. But with Weber gas fires and their capability of getting more than just food cooked; there’s no comparison between the two types as far I’m concerned!

The Dual feudal options of propane or natural gas make this grill the perfect size for your outdoor kitchen. A built-in lid thermometer is a must, as well! You’ll love all that it has to offer: from side burners and sear zone – where you can cook up some great steaks-, storage compartments with cabinets below them so nothing gets lost while sitting on top shelves just waiting patiently until someone goes looking through them again.

Grilling over Grill Comes with Health Risks 

The chemicals in question – heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons- can alter DNA, increasing the odds that you will develop several diseases including life threatening ones such as breast cancer.

Charred meats have been found to contain these harmful substances which is why it’s important not only for homeowners but also restaurant owners like me who use flat top grills often take precautions when cooking over them.

If you like to cook over direct flame, then it’s possible that your food could be poisoned by HCAs – the Charring Amino Acid reacting with sugars and creatine in muscle. However there is another type of poison called PAHs which forms when fat on meat turns into smoke while burning; rising up through foods before they’re cooked further complicates matters!

More from Blackstone vs Weber Grill Comparison

So which one should you buy? Well, it depends on what your needs are. If weight and durability matter most then Blackstone is the brand for you! While if price tag matters less than things like style or ease-of use then Weber may be better suited to meet those requirements since they have products that range from very affordable all way up into luxury levels.

Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Review

The Blackstone 36” Gas Griddle has been a favorite of families and friends for years. It offers the quality that was promised, along with design features to make it your go-to when cooking outdoors or at home!


The Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle has enough cooking space to prepare food for an entire army! With features like cast-iron plates that make searing meat easy, nonstick surface guaranteed not to peel or scratch easily (so you can cook up those hard boiled eggs without worrying), and five different height settings—this device will take care of your every need while also making things easier on both yourself and others who might be helping out in the kitchen.

With a surface area of 720 sq inches, the Blackstone 36″ Griddle is perfect for cooking large groups. It features four independently controlled gas burners that can each output 15k BTU/hour and have been engineered with safety in mind so you’re sure to be able use this appliance without worrying about anything catching fire!

The Blackstone 36-inch griddle has a giant cooking surface and four sturdy wheels to help you move it around. It’s not lightweight or portable, but its side mounted propane tank makes the heavy duty metal frame manageable enough for most people who want an extra large frying pan at their disposal!

Construction and Design

The Blackstone 36″ Griddle is a sturdy and durable cooking surface that can be used anywhere. It’s made out of heavy gauge alloy steel, meaning it has some weight to keep its integrity when folded up or put away for transport – but not too much so you’ll have trouble carrying this bad boy around!

There’s also storage space behind the legs where we’ve seen people store their grilling tools in between uses; two side tables provide additional prep areas if needed while veggies cook on top during regular weekdays…and then transition into serving duty later tonight at dinner time.

Griddle surface

The Blackstone 36 inch has an expansive cooking surface made of rolled steel. What it signifies is that you don’t have to crush your food or cook in batches, leaving the first batch cooling while we grill another one right next door! This means no more waiting around for cooked meals – easily turn them into cold salads with this versatile griddle/phaltic hard-anodized exterior finish model from outdoor experts at Gefu (a brand I am very familiar with).


The sleek design of this griddle makes it easy to cook anything from your favorite breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles, all the way up through some seriously delicious looking steak dinners. It’s got four independently heated zones so you can set up a 2 zone or indirect system whichever works best for what dish(es) that are on today!

Grease Management System

The Blackstone 36” Griddle is made of non-corrosion resistant alloy steel, meaning that it needs to be cleaned regularly and carefully. But for those who have an older model without the side mount grease tray or with a damaged one from being dropped on hard surfaces too many times – there’s some good news!

The newer models feature fixed leaks where you can simply pour away excess oil without worrying about what might leak out when transporting this appliance around home–or anywhere else really.

  • The 4-burner gas griddle by Camp Chef is a great choice for the backyard cookout.
  • It comes with an efficient, flawless rear mounted grease management system that allows you to move this around easily and fold up its legs when not in use!
  • With four high output fires on independently controlled knobs there’s plenty of space left over after cooking food just right at your destination spot–perfect.
  • If someone else brought along their own camp stove or equivalent device so everyone can share what they’re making while still having enough burning hot spots available themselves as well.
  • I like the way this backpack is designed because it’s light enough for camping but also durable.
  • Made of high-quality material, so your knife will stay sharp for years to come.

Weber Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill Review

With its sleek style and powerful performance, the Weber Genesis II S-435 is one of today’s most sought after gas grills. This model offers all that you could want in your propane fueled outdoor kitchen appliances with three main burners as well side burner for great versatility!

Weber’s newest hit comes straight from their well known “Genesis” line which was developed specifically to meet consumer demands on how they wanted nowadays grilling equipment too work – tough yet dependable so there would never be any worries while cooking over high heat again thanks especially when using lighter fluid instead.


The grill comes standard with everything that Weber could pack in. One of the key features is their sear station burner, which produces beautifully seared steaks when used correctly – but sometimes it just doesn’t work out on your first try!

Weber’s Infinity Ignition system means you can cook all sorts of foods at once, no matter what the weather is like. The individual burners are controlled by a proprietary technology that never fails – this includes Blackstone’s Griddle as well!

Additional Features

The iGrill thermometer is an essential accessory for grill masters. This wireless device will allow you to monitor your food as it cooks, and know when they reach their minimum internal temperature so that everything can be cooked perfectly every time! The fit-size cutout on one side table makes sure this useful tool fits seamlessly into any outdoor kitchen decor style.

It’s a freedom of sorts when you have the right tools at your disposal. The side tables are just one way that this kitchen lets users multi-task easily by providing ample storage space for all those pesky gadgets we never realized were needed until they showed up on our doorstep in an engraved crate! And speaking about delivery services… there must be some sorta law because these quality products came fully packing with everything from scapulas to thermometers.


The Weber S-435 is a flagship grill from the company and has everything to do so. With its 65 x 29×47 inches dimensions, this beast can accommodate plenty of food for big appetites!

The flavorizer bar of a Weber-designed grill is what sets it apart from all other grills, protecting both your food and fuel sources. This metal mesh designed to catch drippings from meats as they sizzle on the hot surface; sending vapor back into them for an added rich taste that can’t be replicated any other way!

When it comes to grilling, nothing beats the performance of this bad boy. With an 844 sq inch cooking surface and stainless steel burners that are 7mm thick – meaning they won’t rust or corrode over time like other materials can do–you’ll be able make your favorite food in no time at all!

The Genesis II S-435 offers great features for any backyard cook. The removable angled and triangular catch pan sits under your burners with a central hole through which grease flows down into another disposable drip tray to prevent sticking on top of them while you’re trying not melt anything else!

  • You won’t be able to find a better grill than this one.
  • This convection oven has an output of 69,000 BTUs which is enough to handle any job that needs doing in your kitchen!
  • The large cooking area will give you plenty of space to prepare any meal your heart desires.
  • This baby comes with the grilling system to make your life easier.
  • iGrill3 ready.
  • This product has an excellent performance and is very reliable. It’s built to last, too!
  • These are some of the most difficult to assemble furniture we’ve ever seen.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s too heavy to be portable, then this is the tent for your needs.
  • It Occupies more space.

Final Thoughts

You want to invest in durable items that will last for decades. You’re mostly concerned with grilling steak, smoking products and other meats on a grill or smoker (or turning it into an oven), which can be made very versatile by using some extra accessories like flat top burners!

Your cooking tends toward those things you do at home – backyard barbecues/garden parties where food is served directly off the ground rather than from platters because nothing says “I love you” quite like getting dirt under your fingernails while helping serve up plate after delicious plates full o’ carbs next door.